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Urban Specters:
The Everyday Harms of Racial Capitalism

Out August 29 2023, from UNC Press

My second book,Urban Specters: The Everyday Harms of Racial Capitalism, tells the stories of poor and working-class residents living in two Cincinnati neighborhoods. I use these stories to illuminate a broader narrative about the everyday harms of racial capitalism. Necessarily, much of the academic work on racial capitalism focuses on historical and macro-level analyses. In this book, I aim to bring this excellent and rich insight to a midwestern US city to identify racial capitalism’s everyday manifestations and relations. To do that, I describe and analyze how residents make sense of their lives and neighborhoods. I call these everyday descriptions urban specters, as they are often partial recognitions of the material realities of racial capitalism. Residents used these specters to explain the negative things happening in their neighborhoods, often obscuring the relations of racial capitalism that produced these circumstances.

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